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Are you in the possession of an eIDAS-approved digital identity? That means that you can take advantage of the eIDAS-regulation that becomes effective on the 29th of September. Accessing online public services like filing your income taxes at the Dutch Tax Authority or registering for courses at a Dutch university are made accessible to you without physically having to cross the border. This applies to all online public services that are already available to local citizens in possession of a digital identity, in all of the European Union.

What is a digital identity?

A digital identity is a solution for citizens and businesses that allows them to prove their identity online. It is also referred to as ‘electronic identification’ and ‘login method’. You can use your digital identity to securely access online public services.

Which digital identities can I use to log in?

More than 20 European countries have digital identities in place for citizens and businesses. These are used for national online public services. The digital identity of Germany is classified as eIDAS-approved from the 29th of September. If you are in the possession of this login method, you can use it to access the online public services across Europe. In the Netherlands, holders of the Belgium digital identity are currently also accepted by the organisations RVO, CJIB and over 80 Dutch municipalities.

Several other European countries are preparing their digital identity methods for cross-border usage. It is expected that in the beginning of 2019 more digital identities will receive the status eIDAS-approved.

Why does my digital identity need to be approved by Europe?

In the eIDAS regulation 910/2014 of the European Union, the European member states have agreed on the standards that digital identities need to comply with for their login method to be used across borders. An eIDAS-approved digital identity means that the login method meets these standards.

Can I share my digital identity with others?

Your digital identity is a personal identification method and may not be shared with other citizens or businesses.

What does eIDAS mean?

eIDAS stands for ‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for electronic transactions in the Internal Market’ and refers to the eIDAS regulation 910/2014 of the European Union. With this regulation, the European Union contributes to the  removal of all digital borders. This means that the digital identities that are classified as eIDAS-approved must be accepted by all public organisations across the European Union.

How can I log in using my eIDAS-approved digital identity?

To login please follow these four steps:

  1. Go to the website of the online public service you want to access and select the European login button (for example: EU login);
  2. Select the name of your digital identity from the list (Neuer Personalausweis / nPA) ;
  3. Login using the login process for your digital identity (for example: by inserting your national identity card in a card reader);
  4. You are redirected to the website of the online public service you want to access. You now have access to the online service of your choice.

For most services in the Netherlands a citizen service number (BSN) is required. If you are not in the possession of this number, the service cannot be accessed. Please register yourself in the Personal Records Database (BRP).
More information about the process of registering can be found here.

I cannot login with my eIDAS-approved digital identity. What should I do?

Please contact the organisation that issued your digital identity. It might be that your identity method is not yet activated for digital services.

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